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Interviews Krawall.de 05.01.2002 deutsch  
Tatsächlich diskutierten wir über ein Tutorial, haben uns aber dann entschlossen, das Ganze in das Spiel einzubauen. Eines der Dinge, die mir sehr wichtig sind, ist, „World of Warcraft" leicht zugänglich zu machen für Spieler, die noch nie zuvor an einem MMORPG teilgenommen haben. Wir wollen an den Punkt kommen, an dem jemand, der von diesen Spielen bislang vielleicht ein wenig eingeschüchtert war, sich einfach hinsetzen und Spaß haben kann.
Interviews ToTheGame 29.09.2002 englisch  
Players will be divided into several Realms, each realm comprising a complete version of the game world. The development team is currently finalizing the number of players that will occupy a Realm. Our plan is to create a solution that fosters a sense of community and helps to prevent overcrowding.
Previews GameSpy.com 03.09.2001 englisch  
The addition of new territories will not just be for the release of World of Warcraft but will be a constant process as a full time team will continue to add new quests and lands to the World of Warcraft universe throughout its lifetime. This will ensure that there will always be a new world to explore, a new quest to complete, or a new foe to defeat. As Morhaime said, "World of Warcraft is [Blizzard's] largest undertaking to date", and with the need for a permanent team to evolve the world throughout the game's lifetime that's no understatement.
Previews PC.IGN.com 31.08.2001 englisch  
. We all know that Blizzard likes to hold on to their properties to make sure that they're polished and shined for release, and there are plans to allow for a lengthy beta period, so don't expect to get your hands on World of Warcraft until "it's done."
Previews GamesDomain 08.09.2001 englisch  
The announcement revealed World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer title based in the Warcraft universe, which generated a frisson of excitement at today's ECTS. The title will allow thousands of players to interact in a 'bold' 3D universe, with an action-packed combat system, allowing fast and furious combat against multiple opponents.
Previews Gamestar.de 12.10.2001 deutsch  
Mit World of WarCraft springt Blizzard erstmals in eine echte 3D-Welt mit Ego-Perspektive (alternativ Rückenansicht) und allem drum und dran. Die Engine ist verschwägert mit der von WarCraft 3, aber deutlich weiter entwickelt, um den Anforderungen eines Rollenspiels gerecht werden zu können.
Previews PC.IGN.com 12.10.2001 englisch  
There were a few new tidbits, however. There will definitely be more than the three races demonstrated in the initial ECTS announcement, however no specific races, or even a race total has been given out. You can assume, however, that since the game takes place four years after Warcraft III, that races like the Undead will most likely be a part of the online universe as well.
Previews Spileflut.de 12.12.2001 deutsch  
Mit World of Warcraft plant Blizzard eines der ausbalanciertesten, zugänglichsten und störungsfreiesten Online-RPGs, das je in Mache war. Vor allem legt Blizzard Wert darauf, dass das Interface des Spiels möglichst einfach ist und dass es auch für Gelegenheitsspieler attraktiv ist.
Previews GameCaptain.de 04.03.2002 deutsch  
Blizzard arbeitet nun schon seit zwei Jahren an World of Warcraft und es wird sicher noch einige Zeit vergehen, bevor das Spiel in die Läden kommt. Schließlich muss nicht nur die Landschaft der Welt von Azeroth erschaffen werden, sondern auch Hunderte von Quests, jede möglichst mit einer eigenen Geschichte und passend für verschiedene Charakterlevel, erfordern enormen Aufwand. Aber die Spieler werden es Blizzard danken.
Previews ActionTrip.com 19.03.2002 englisch  
The in-game areas will be vast and highly-detailed. Of course the unavoidable subject here is the transition between playable zones (or Realms in this case, because Blizzard revealed that the game won't be divided into those traditional MMOPRG zones). Some of these game-sections will include a brief load time, but otherwise players are not going to be bothered with any lengthy area switches. Practically, you get to go through many different realms, which all have their unique appearance and races that inhabit them.
Previews Stratics Central 05.04.2002 englisch  
Blizzard Entertainment is at it again, but this time it is on a much greater scale than ever before. Blizzard is a company known for their hit games. Titles like Warcraft 2, Diablo and Starcraft have put Blizzard on the map as a innovative genre-setting game developer, but there is one big obstacle Blizzard has yet to tackle. The Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, hereby known as MMORPG, is a living and breathing entity unlike anything Blizzard has contemplated before.
Previews Gamespy.com 22.05.2002 englisch  
While the power of franchises is no secret to the games industry, one company at E3 is taking it to the next level: Blizzard Entertainment. They're simultaneously developing two Warcraft games, and the two share so much more than the name.
Previews UGO.com 04.01.2003 englisch  
One of the biggest thrills (or agonies, depending on which side of the blade you’re on) comes from tracking and fighting humans as opposed to CPU controlled drones. Player fighting (and player killing) in one form or another has plagued nearly every MMORPG since the creation of the genre. But Blizzard is going out of its way to ensure that only players who enjoy the risk of player killing will die at the hands of their brethren, so don’t think that you can lure a newbie out to the woods with, “Hey, there’s an enchanted dagger by that tree,” and then kill him and steal his equipment.

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