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Action Trip mit Rob Prdo 08.12.2001 englisch
Unit categories are mainly used for spell casting rules. For example, some spells can only be cast on "organic" units. There are several categories in the game like "mechanical" and "summoned". Ironically enough, we no longer are using the "giant" category since it contained very few units.
Warcraft Center mit Bill Roper 17.01.2002 englisch
We are currently preparing to enter the beta phase of the game and we intend to make a concentrated effort to focus all of our energies into really running the game through its paces. We intend the beta to run for at least 2-3 months so that we can fully test and balance the units while watching and playing hundreds of games with our dedicated beta testers.
CVG mit Bill Roper 13.03.2002 englisch
Playing Warcraft or Warcraft II is just something you do as a gamer. It's the gaming equivalent of going through puberty, with the pubic hair, bodily swellings and fascination with the opposite sex replaced with chubby humans, monosyllabic orcs and the first stirrings of strategic ecstasy.
Atomic MPC mit Bill Roper 21.03.2002 englisch
Well, I think that it's really the introduction of Role Playing sensibilities, the idea that we are making things like going out and exploring the environment a much more important part of the game. Having non-player monsters that you fight and having other points of interest rather than what tends to be the classic RTS formula of going in and just destroying the other guy where that's pretty much the only goal.
Krawall.de mit Bill Roper 19.05.2002 deutsch
In erster Linie wollen wir einfach etwas Neues im Strategiegenre machen. Die großartigen Elemente von Rollenspielen sind eine gute Gelegenheit hierfür. Also einen Charakter, den der Spieler nach und nach aufbaut, die Erkundung der Umgebung – diese und andere Dinge wollten wir ins Strategiegenre einbauen.

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