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   Patch 1.14 out!
Profil des Einsenders Soltano | 07. Januar 2004  
Vor wenigen Minuten hat Blizzard den neuen Patch released, der hauptsächlich die Bugs seines Vorgängers beheben soll. Damit ist vor allem der Town-Portal Bug, welcher von der Community als der schlimmste Bug bislang angesehen wird gefixt. Zwar gibt es auch einige Balance Changes aber diese nur im geringen Maß. Den ges. Patchlog findet ihr wie immer im Anhang.


- Fixed an issue with custom save games from version 1.12 (including those from Orc Act I) so Hero Agility is recognized properly. Attack speeds will now be correct when loading from a previous save game.
- Fixed an issue that caused Scroll of Town Portal to always place your units to the lower right side of your town hall instead of the location you clicked.
- Fixed an issue with the Skeletal Mage upgrade that prevented the Raise Dead skill from working on the corpses inside Meat Wagons.
- Fixed an issue that caused a unit to permanently lose 75% of its attack speed if it was Polymorphed or Hexed while under the effects of Unholy Frenzy.
- Fixed an issue with Spirit Link in which, if one of the linked units was a Troll Berserker with the Berserk ability active, all units linked with that Troll would take the increased damage penalty associated with the Berserk ability.
- Fixed an issue in which, if a unit casting a channeling spell died from Mana Flare, the channeled spell would linger in the area permanently.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Call to Arms command not to work if you clicked the button an EVEN number of times.
- Fixed an issue with Hero and unit ability orders in which, under certain conditions, ability orders would not be dispatched properly, causing "lag" or unresponsiveness.
- Fixed an issue that caused Glaive Throwers to lose damage when theVorpal Blades upgrade was researched.


- Anti-magic Shell cost reduced to 100 from 150, and hit points absorbed reduced to 300 from 350.

Night Elf
- Mana Flare area-of-effect damage radius reduced to 200 from 250.

Neutral Units and Heroes
- Nerubian Webspinners now cost 200/35/3, up from 175/25/2.
- Stampede damage reduced from 80 per beast to 60 per beast.
- The Beastmaster bear's Bash ability now stuns Heroes for 1 second instead of 2 seconds.
- Summoned Treants no longer give large gold bounties.

NOTES: Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.13 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.14 version of Warcraft III).

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