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   Der Patch ist da!!!
Profil des Einsenders Soltano | 16. Dezember 2003  
Nach monatelangem Warten hat Blizzard es nun endlich geschafft:
Der Patch, von dem sich alle Warcraft3-Spieler versprechen, dass er die Balance bringt ist heute gegen 19.00 Uhr released!
Im Anhang findet ihr den Patchlog.

Wir werden sehen was die Zukunft bringt ;)

» Patchlog

- PATCH 1.13


- Acts II & III, the conclusion acts to the bonus Orc campaign contained in
The Frozen Throne, are included in this patch. To play these levels, you
can simply click the "Chapter Two - Old Hatreds" link from the Bonus Campaign
screen. If you have completed Act I, your Heroes will carry over to Act II.
Otherwise, your Heroes will be default-level Heroes with basic starting items.
- Warcraft III now supports binding an email address to your Battle.net account,
so that you can recover your password at a later stage, similar to the
functionality that was added to D2.

- Race selection on the scheduled game dialog (tournament finals) is now saved
for future scheduled games.


Expansion - Frozen Throne
- (2)Tirisfal Glades - Red creep camp a bit easier; lowered the level of item
drop from 7 to 5.
- (2)Glacial Thaw - Switched the start locations to face the center of the
map. Lowered the level of a few creep camps; lowered the level of a few
item drops.
- (4)Paradise Island - Creeps are less likely to aggro passing units.
- (4)Twisted Meadows - Added ground-based anti-air creep to the island. Added
some trees behind the 3 o'clock start location to prevent building NE town
hall behind the gold mine. Changed a level-4 drop from charged item to
permanent item.
- (4)Bridge Too Near - Switched start locs with the expansion gold mines.
- (4)Devil's Cauldron - Lowered the total level of 4 creep camps.
- (4)Turtle Rock - The two large turtles that are placed between player bases
each drop a better item. Removed Rune of Lesser Healing from the expansion
- (4)Floodplains 1v1 - Removed the easy creep camp outside of player's base
and moved it to the other easy creep camps further from the player's base.
- (4)Lost Temple - Adjusted creep camps and item drops.
- (4)Avalanche - Weakened the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock expansion creeps. Added
a green-sized camp in place of the orange camp.
- (6)Bloodstone Mesa - Moved expansion creep back. Removed Marketplace and
added Tavern.
- (6)Rice Fields - Changed all the randomly generated creep camps; they are a
bit easier for the user now.
- (6)Wellspring - Added more trees to the starting location and moved the
lumber a bit closer to the town hall. Removed the east and west gate from
the center and created a bit more room around the Taverns.
- (6)Stranglethorn Vale - Expansion creeps are a bit easier now.
- (6)Timbermaw Hold - Moved the bottom Dragon Roost creep closer together to
eliminate two creep icons. Moved bottom middle start location deeper into
forest to prevent the easy (green) creep camp from being nuked from start
location placement. Same change to the bottom left position. Added a tree to
the hole in the forest at the top left position to prevent units from
getting stuck when portaling home.
- (8)Friends - Changed drop item classification from 'any' level-6 items to
'charged' level-6 items.
- (8)Feralas - Removed some creep camps to help the flow of the game.
- (8)Rock Quarry - Added some trees to several start locs that needed more
lumber. Added ground-based anti-air to the center of the map.
- (8)Mur'gul Oasis - Added another 1500 gold to the starting locations.
- (8)Deathknell - Removed the center creep camp and neutral building.
- (8)Plains of Snow - Moved Teal's easy creep camp farther away to prevent
them from being nuked at the start of the game.
- (8)Garden of War - Moved Yellow's easy creep camp to prevent them from being
nuked at the start of the game.
- (8)Battleground - Moved 12 o'clock easy creep camp further away from start
location to prevent them from being nuked at the start of the game.

Classic - Reign of Chaos
- (2)Plunder Isle - Added some ground-based anti-air units to the Dragon camps;
also added some trees to the top start location.
- (4)Lost Temple - Adjusted item drop in center area. Expansion gold mines
should be a bit tougher. Each player's expansion gold mine now has one melee
creep. The Goblin Merchant camp is now tougher and has anti-air.


- Storm Bolt stun is now 5 seconds vs. units and 3 seconds vs. Heroes at all
levels. Previously, it had this level of stun at level 1, but went up 2
seconds vs. units and one second vs. Heroes each level. Additionally,
level-2 and level-3 damage are now 225 and 350, respectively.
- Militia can now only be created from a player's starting Town Hall, but they
can still be created from any of the player's Keeps or Castles.
- Blizzard is now damage capped. This damage cap is invoked when Blizzard hits
more than 5 targets per wave.
- Scout Tower hp reduced to 300 from 500, and armor reduced to 0 from 5.
- Human towers now gain 2 armor per masonry upgrade, up from 1.
- Banish has been reworked. Previously durations were 12(5) / 24(7) / 36(9)
by level, and mana costs were 75/50/25 by level. Instead, its mana cost is
now constant at 75 mana; its cooldown decreases with level (5 / 3 / 1); and
its durations only slightly improve with level (12(4) / 15(5) / 18(6)).
- Siphon Mana maximum range reduced to 800 from 850.
- Flying Machine hit points increased to 200 from 175.
- Holy Light mana cost reduced to 65 from 75.

- Web upgrade cost increased to 150/150 from 75/75.
- Spirit Touch now restores 3 mana per casting, down from 4.
- Possession has been reworked. It is now a channelled spell with a 4 1/2
second casting duration. During this time, the target is disabled and
frozen into place, but is also invulnerable; and the Banshee takes triple
damage from all attacks. Stunning or killing the Banshee that is casting
Possession will cause the spell to abort. Additionally, the range of
Possession has been increased to 350 from 200.
- Anti-magic Shell has been redesigned. The spell now absorbs the first 350
points of spell or magic damage dealt to the target, but does not grant
magic immunity. Note that spells absorbed by AMS can still deal secondary
effects, such as stun, paralysis, or mana drain. Also the mana cost of
AMS has been re-balanced to 150.

- Troll Batrider Unstable Concoction damage reduced to 550 from 900, and
splash damage increased to 140 from 100.
- Troll Batrider damage increased to 13-15 from 11-12.
- Level-1 Spirit Wolves now move at speed 320, down from speed 350.
- Level-3 Spirit Wolves now have 500 hit points, up from 400 hit points.
- Damage sustained over Spirit Link is now never fatal. Fatal damage sustained
via Spirit Link instead reduces a unit to 1 hit point, and dispels Spirit
- Stasis Trap area of effect reduced to 400 from 500.
- Shockwave now has a damage cap of roughly 12 units affected. Note that this
limit will not typically be reached except in team games.

Night Elf
- Shadow Strike level-1 DoT damage reduced to 10 per period, down from 15.
- Detonate mana drain reduced to 50 from 100.
- Druid of the Claw caster upgrade times reduced to 25 seconds and 35 seconds
respectively, down from 45 seconds and 1 minute.
- Dryad damage increased to 17-19 from 16-18.
- Glaive Thrower damage changed from 39-50 to 36-53.
- Eating trees now heals 500 hit points over 30 seconds, up from 200
hit points over 10 seconds.

Neutral Buildings, Units and Heroes
- Beastmaster Strength reduced to 22 from 25, and base armor reduced to 2 from
- Level-2 hawk hit points reduced to 450 from 625, and level-3 hawk hit points
reduced to 650 from 875.
- Breath of Fire and Drunken Haze mana costs reduced to 70 from 75.
- Naga Sea Witch speed reduced to 300 from 320.
- Frost Arrows mana cost is now 10 per shot, up from 7 per shot.
- Pit Lord footprint, or collision size, has been reduced to 32 from 48. This
means that he takes up less space on the battlefield.
- Rain of Fire is now damage capped. This damage cap is invoked when Rain of
Fire hits more than 5 targets per wave.
- Level-1 Black Arrow no longer has a cooldown, but level-1 Minion damage
reduced to 9-10 from 14-15.
- Cleave attack splash radius increased to 200 from 150.
- Dragonspawn Meddlers have been rebalanced to correctly reflect their food,
level and gold cost. They now have 370 hit points, down from 500 hit points,
and deal 12-13 damage, down from 21-25 damage.
- Mercenary Barbed Arachnathids are now available at the start of the second
day, instead of very early in the game.
- Creep Bloodlust mana cost increased to 75 from 50.
- Creeps with Faerie Fire always use the creep version of Faerie Fire now.
Additionally, creep Faerie Fire cooldown increased to 8 from 5.
- Creep Curse cooldown increased to 8 from 5.
- Thunder Lizard cost increased to 6 food from 5, and 150 lumber from
80 lumber.

- Replenishment Potion can now be sold to a shop for 75 gold, down from 200
- Sentry Wards now have 2 charges, down from 3.
- Anti-magic Potion duration increased to 15 from 10.
- Orb of Fire cost reduced to 300 from 375.
- Orb of Venom cost reduced to 325 from 375.
- Healing Wards and Ankh of Reincarnation are now level-4 items (down from 5).
- Red Drake Egg, Stone Token and Spiked Collar are now level-5 items, up from
level 4.
- Staff of Preservation cost reduced to 150 from 200.
- Staff of Preservation no longer affects allied units--it now can only
affect its owner's units.
- Staff of Sanctuary now heals 15 hp/sec, up from 10 hp/sec.

- We have made modifications to how gold is mined. Although these changes are
somewhat difficult to describe, the effect is that in almost all cases, 5
peons are required for an Orc or Human to mine a gold mine at maximum
efficiency (assuming the town hall equivalent is as close as possible).


- Map-specific option for game data set to be used (custom vs. melee).
- Model selection dialog now includes all doodad/destructible variations.
- Added "standard/custom" filter menu to ability selection UI.
- Added "Hero Attributes - Attack Speed Bonus per Agility Point" field to
Gameplay Constants.
- Added preference for "Automatically zoom Previewer to fit new models"
(Visual tab).
- New Gameplay Constants for global "Tech Tree - Dependency Equivalents".
- New Gameplay Constants for tier-based Hero experience bonus factors.
- New Game Interface fields for many of the game UI strings
(Text - General fields).
- Maximum unit movement speed increased from 400 to 522.
- Minimum unit movement speed decreased from 25 to 1.
- Added "Advanced->Reset Fixed Object Heights" option.
(Turn off to preserve any fixed object heights [set via ctrl-page up/down]
while moving them.)
- Object Manager Items tab now includes global item tables.
- Increased maximum texture space for tilesets (was 12, now 13).

Trigger Editor
- "Hero skill" trigger parameter UI now allows selection of all Hero abilities,
including custom.
- Increased maximum length of trigger comments (was 640, now 2048).
- "Event Response - Triggering Player" is now valid during "Dialog - Dialog
Button Click" events.
- Added special doodad animation tags "show" and "hide".
- "Conversion - Convert Externalized String" will now work properly with
string concatenation and substrings.
- Enabled all save/load game trigger actions for general use (i.e., no longer
Blizzard-signed maps only).
- Added 'Pawns An Item' unit event (for units selling items back to shops).
- Added new functions for working with "multiboards" (new Multiboard function
- Added various new functions:
- Ability Name (string call)
- Buff Comparison (condition)
- Conversion - Convert String Case (string call)
- Destructible - Destructible Name (string call)
- Environment - Turn Water Deformation On/Off (action)
- Environment - Point Is Blighted (boolean call)
- Event Response - Target Point Of Ability Being Cast (point call)
- Event Response - Target Unit Of Ability Being Cast (unit call)
- Event Response - Target Destructible Of Ability Being Cast (destructible
- Event Response - Target Item Of Ability Being Cast (item call)
- Game - Show/Hide Creep Camps On Minimap (action)
- Game - Creep Camp Display Is On (boolean call)
- Game - Enable/Disable Minimap Buttons (action)
- Item - Set Charges Remaining (action)
- Item - Item Charges Remaining (integer call)
- Item - Set Custom Value (action)
- Item - Custom Value Of Item (integer call)
- Item - Item Name (string call)
- Player - Leaves Game (event)
- Player - Player Score (integer call)
- String Length (integer call)
- Unit - Set Rally-Point To Point (action)
- Unit - Set Rally-Point To Unit (action)
- Unit - Set Rally-Point To Destructible (action)
- Unit - Rally-Point As Point (point call)
- Unit - Rally-Point As Unit (unit call)
- Unit - Rally-Point As Destructible (destructible call)
- Unit - Remove Specific Buff (action)
- Unit - Unit Has Specific Buff (boolean call)
- Unit - Level Of Unit (integer call)
- Unit - Level Of Ability For Unit (integer call)
- Unit - Count Items Carried (integer call)
- Unit - Current Order Of Unit (order call)
- Added "Height Offset" Camera Field value
- Added Map Flag values
- Observers on defeat
- Use random Heroes
- Use random races
- Visibility - Hide Terrain
- Visibility - Map Explored
- Visibility - Always Visible

Sound Editor
- Added Edit->Find command (works on sound/music list and variable list).

Object Editor
- Custom Buffs/Effects data (new tab).
- Option to sort objects by name only (View->Sort Objects By Name).
- Holding down Shift while modifying a numerical value will disable all
min/max limits for that field (use with caution; this can potentially crash
the game!).
- Tech Item dialog allows selection of special multi-unit "Equivalents" (any
Altar, etc.).
- Ability dialog allows selection of "None" for "Abilities - Default Active
Ability" unit field.
- New unit fields for tier-based tech tree requirements.
- Enabled additional abilities for modification:
Devour Cargo, Entangled Gold Mine Ability, Load (Entangled Gold Mine),
Poison Sting, Way Gate Ability.
- Increased maximum number of workers per gold mine to 32 (was 4).
- Morphing abilities now support different unit types per ability level in the
- Doodad "tinting color" fields now dynamically displayed based on number of
variations (and they support Auto Fill Levels command).
- Added various new fields:
- Art - Selection Size - Editor (items)
- Art - Animation Names (abilities)
- Art - Lightning Effects (abilities)
- Data - Uprooted Defense Type ("root" abilities)
- Stats - Hero - Hide Hero Interface Icon (Hero units)
- Stats - Hero - Hide Hero Minimap Display (Hero units)

Import Manager
- New command for importing all files within a directory (File->Import Files).
- New command for exporting all files at once (File->Export All Files).


- Item Tables dialog is accessible from Unit Properties dialog (ROC only).
- Pre-placed summoned units count towards creep camp minimap icons.
- "Extra->Cinematic Arthas" model file reference is invalid.
- Game lock-up when decreasing level of "Attribute Bonus" ability.
- Crash when resizing column in Gameplay Constants/Game Interface dialogs too
far to the right.
- Excessive performance loss when units and start locations overlap.
- Doodad "fixed height" status is not preserved across undo operations.
- Setting "Berserker Upgrade" or "Barrage" to researched in Upgrade Properties
disables the corresponding units.
- Pre-placed random units may have their team color set to red in game,
regardless of owner.
- Unit Properties dialog does not display mana value for buildings with mana.
- Moving a start location which is on top of another start location can cause
duplicate start locations.
- Random Group references used for dropped items are not displayed properly in
the Object Manager.
- View menu does not always refresh properly after changing layers.
- Advanced->Adjust Cliff Levels does not adjust water height along with
- Added names for all "unknown" abilities.
- Using lumber upkeep (via Gameplay Constants) can cause the game to crash on
the scorescreen.

Trigger Editor
- Unit event "Uses an item" does not fire for items with unlimited charges.
- Action "Player Group - Set Alliance" ignores the player groups and sets the
alliance for all players.
- Attempting to enable a trigger does not properly validate that the trigger
script compiles.
- Action "Game - Show/Hide Custom Campaign Button" fails if game has been
loaded from a saved game.
- Action "Skip Remaining Actions" can cause compile errors if used as a
parameter to another function.
- "Event Response - Casting Unit" and "Target Point Of Issued Order" become
reset after a "Wait" action.
- Invalid sub-functions are not disabled when pasting triggers.
- Function menu appears in the dialog for setting variable initial values.
- "Automatically create unknown variables when pasting" option does not work
for "Set Variable" actions.
- "Edit->Category Is Comment" toggle is not undoable.
- "Game Cache - Cache Value Exists" fails on Integer value types.
- Deleting functions may corrupt the strings within other "cut" functions
(manifest after pasting).
- "Event Response - Learned Skill Level" result is off by one for all levels
greater than one.
- Variables dialog sorting by Initial Value does not sort properly.
- Unit-Targeted Order for Drunken Haze uses invalid order string "st.rongdrink"
(should be "drunkenhaze").
- Map Flag value "Observer chat" is obsolete and causes compile errors.

Sound Editor
- There is no way to remove imported sounds (TFT can use Import Manager).

Object Editor
- Default values for ability levels beyond four are not loaded properly in
- Custom "Required Animation Names" values do not display properly in the
editor (works in game).
- Character limit on extended tooltip fields too small (was 300, now 1024).
- Custom values of "Techtree - Requirements - Levels" field are not loaded
properly in game.
- Maximum value for some ability duration fields is too small (was 300, now
- Ability "data" fields do not show up for custom versions of some abilities.
- Black Arrow data fields list "Damage Bonus" twice. One should be "Summoned
Unit Duration."
- Unit/item tooltips referencing custom abilities will display as zero in game.
- Hotkey field not allowed to be empty.
- Changing an object "category" does not automatically refresh the field list,
if necessary.
- Maximum value for ability "Stats - Required Level" and "Stats - Level Skip
Requirement" is too small (10).
- Upgrade "Techtree - Requirements" fields are not loaded properly beyond
level 1 in game.
- Upgrade effect "Ability Level Bonus" does not recognize custom abilities
in game.
- Upgrade effect "Ability Level Bonus" does not apply multiple levels to units
created after researching.
- "Stats - Build Time" values less than 8 cause Heroes to be unable to revive.
- Extra "data" fields appear for certain Orb abilities.
- "Stats - Levels" field does not appear for non-Hero abilities (where it can
be valid in some cases).
- "Stats - Casting Time" and "Stats - Mana Cost" fields do not appear for item
abilities (can be valid).
- Three upgrade effects are missing appropriate data and UI: 'rtma', 'rart',
- Setting Ability or Upgrade race to "Critter" or "Commoner" can crash the
- Excessive load times for abilities or upgrades with many levels
(noticeably improved).
- Improper truncation of ability name displayed with commas.
- Using 10 Mirror Images will crash the game (max should be 9).
- Values cannot be set to original default values if the campaign value is
- Custom doodads/destructibles can be chosen as the base object for a new
custom object (leads to crash).
- Object tabs do not always refresh properly after importing "all" object data
- Minimum value for Brilliance Aura "Data - Mana Regeneration Increase" is too
small (was 1, now 0).
- Maximum value is too small for various ability data fields that can
optionally be used as percentages.
- Buildings with no pathing map crash the game.
- Custom abilities based on Locust Swarm do not recognize the "Sound - Effect
Sound (Looping)" field.
- Unit field "Abilities - Default Active Ability" does not work with custom
- Abilities "Essence of Blight" and "Spirit Touch" should not have mana and hp
related "Data" fields, respectively.
- "Replenish" and related abilities have a "Stats - Casting Time" field that
should read "Data - Maximum Units Affected".
- "Parasite" and related abilities have a "Stats - Casting Time" field that
should read "Data - Summoned Unit Duration".
- Abilities "Defend" and "Magic Defense" do not apply modifiers properly if
additional levels are learned while they are active.
- Abilities may display the "editor suffix" corresponding to a different ability.
- Auto Fill dialog allows any character for hotkey fields.
- "Art - Scaling Value" is not applied to building placement cursor in game.
- Pasting "True" values over "False" values does not work.

Campaign Editor
- Custom campaign objects are not listed in dialogs in the rest of the
Campaign Editor.
- Custom campaign abilities display every possible "Data" field.
- User-selected variable difficulty level does not take effect in the game.

AI Editor
- Food limit displays as 90, even though 100 (or more) is possible.
- Reloading an already open AI data file does not revert the current data.

NOTES: Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.12 replays
cannot be viewed with the 1.13 version of Warcraft III). Custom save games
will not load from version 1.12.

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