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   Starcraft: Patch 1.12 erschienen
Profil des Einsenders Thies | 16. Februar 2005  
Auch wenn StarCraft nicht mehr ganz so jung ist, gehört es immer noch zu den beliebtesten Strategiespiele. Blizzard hat nun einen neuen Patch veröffentlicht, der erneut einiges an Veränderungen und Verbesserungen mit sich bringt.

Changes in StarCraft version 1.12

New Features
  • Changed Speed from Fast to Fastest for Ladder Games.
  • You now can preview your map in the Multiplayer chat screen.
  • Added feature that allows the creator of a private Battle.net game to make the game public under the creator`s name in Multiplayer Chat screen.
  • Added full Korean language support for battle.net and in-game.
  • Added a Friends List Feature and button that allows you to keep track of your friends on Battle.net.
  • Added Friend mail feature that allows you to email members of your Friends List.
  • Added Password Recovery and email registration features (like Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2) so you can recover your password via email.
  • Changed the default race type in single custom games to Random.
  • It now remembers your last map and folder setting when you create single or multi player games.
  • Brood War will now show `maps\BroodWar` folder as your default map folder.
  • When a building is selected and if a ground rally point is set the rally point will briefly animate.
  • Added minimap ping (Alt-left-click on minimap to show graphic location.)
  • Added alliance colors on units - Shift-Tab changes your color to green, your allies to yellow and your enemies to red.
  • Added right-click feature that will set your building rally point.
  • Added shift-# to add a unit to a control group.
  • The mouse cursor stays on the game`s monitor in multi-monitor environments.
Updated Maps
  • Lost Temple has been updated, while Dire Straits and Rivarly have been slightly tweaked to balance resources and space for building.
  • All maps have been resigned. If you have moved standard maps to different folders you must do so again. If you have maps downloaded from our FTP site you must do so again.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug related to seeing Question marks instead of Korean characters when using /where command in Battle.net
  • Fixed a bug that hindered Korean text in Battle.net chatrooms and game advertisements.

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