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   Patch 1.17 erschienen
Profil des Einsenders Denis | 01. September 2004  
Der neue Patch 1.17 ist nun erschienen, neben einigen Einheitenverbesserungen bringt er auch zwei neue neutrale Helden. Informationen über die Änderungen findet ihr im zusätzlichen Inhalt!

Infos zu den neuen neutralen Helden (englisch):
Goblin Alchemist

PATCH 1.17 Beta 405 Changes


- Fixed a problem that could cause working acolytes to be included in teleport spells.
- Fixed an issue with Taunt that prevented the ability from working under certain conditions.
- Fixed a problem with Transmute such that the spell now awards proper experience for the unit transmuted.
- Fixed a graphical issue with Volcano that could cause the Moon Well water art to float.
- Fixed a problem with Soul Burn that was incorrectly preventing all damage from affected units rather than partial damage.
- Fixed an issue with the Demon Hunter which could cause the Hero to permanently lose attack damage when reverting from Metamorphosis while affected by True Shot Aura.
- Fixed a problem with Incinerate that was causing affected units to award experience improperly when killed.
- Fixed an issue with displaying the upgraded Tree Of Life graphics. - Fixed a problem with Chemical Rage causing the ability to interrupt the Alchemist's current actions when the spell wore off.
- Fixed an issue causing Incinerate's bonus damage to be applied to all units attacking the target instead of just the Firelord.
- Fixed a problem preventing Phased Faerie Dragons from town portaling.
- Fixed an issue with Faerie Dragons that could cause them to become unresponsive to most commands if you Phase Shifted just as the unit was attacking something.
- Fixed a problem that was causing the Trueshot Aura icon to display on units without a ranged attack.
- Fixed an issue with the Incinerate explosion so that it always affects other units of the same type you targeted. (i.e. Attacking a ground unit will hurt other ground units. Attacking an air unit will hurt other air units. Structures are not affected.)
- Fixed Doom so that the spell now has a maximum creep level. - Fixed Banish and Sleep so they are now auto-dispelled as intended. - Fixed a problem with Polymorphed/Hexed units that would hide the ability buttons of other units of the same type in a selection or subgroup. - Fixed an issue with Phased Faerie Dragons that would prevent them from teleporting.
- Fixed an issue that casued Crypt Fiends to deactivate Web when they unburrowed.
- Fixed a problem with channeling spells that would prevent them from being recast while channeling.
- Fixed a problem that caused units to become unresponsive if they needed to move closer to their target after the casting process had started.
- Fixed a problem with Cleaving Attack that would prevent it from working when Orbs were equipped.
- Fixed an issue that would not allow Mechanical Critters as targets of the Staff of Teleportation.
- Fixed a problem with Feedback causing the ability to deal summoned damage to any units with a mana pool.
- Fixed an issue with Cleaving Attack that would cause Thorns Aura to reflect damage on targets that took splash damage.
- Fixed an issue preventing Acid Bomb from damaging Ethereal units.


- Defend no longer reflects attacks to buildings, and its chance of reflection against units has been reduced to 30% from 40%.
- Banish mana cost increased to 75/60/50 from 75/50/35.

- Since we have corrected the splash damage bug with Destroyers, we have reverted Destroyers to their old 1.14 statistics. Destroyers now have mana regeneration of -3/sec (down from -6/sec), Orb of Annihilation now costs 25 mana down from 50 mana, and Devour Magic restores 75 mana per unit dispelled, down from 150. Note that Devour Magic no longer gives health or mana when a player devours friendly buffs.

- Healing Spray no longer works on buildings.
- Goblin Alchemist base agility increased to 10 from 7.
- Healing spray area of effect increased to 250 from 200.
- Lava Spawn base armor changed to reflect intended values of 0/1/2 by level (down from 1/2/3).
- Level 2 Lava Spawn hit points decreased from 575 to 550 and level 1 Lava Spawn damage decreased to 11-27 from 13-37.
- Lava Spawns now require 12 successful attacks to split, up from 10.
- Additional team color has been added to the Lava Spawn artwork.
- Lava Spawns now darken each time they split. Each level of Lava Spawn has the same starting color.
- Soul Burn duration vs heroes reduced to 6/7/8 from 7/8/9.
- Volcano mana cost increased to 200 from 150.

NOTES: Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.17 Beta 404 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.17 Beta 405 version of Warcraft III). Custom save games will not load from version 1.17 Beta 404.

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