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   Patch 1.13b
Profil des Einsenders Soltano | 21. Dezember 2003  
Erst ein paar Tage nach Erscheinen von Patch 1.13 kommt nun auch schon 1.13b welcher seinen Vorgänger korrigieren bzw. Bugs die von 1.13 ausgelöst wurden beheben soll.
Weiterhin hat Blizzard einen weiteren Patch, nähmlich 1.14 angekündigt welcher bald folgen soll.

Den ges. Patchlog findet ihr im Anhang.

- PATCH 1.13b


- Fixed an issue related to copy protection.


We are aware of some new issues that came up with the release of the 1.13
patch. We will be releasing a 1.14 patch in the near future that addresses
some of these issues, including:

- Custom save games from version 1.12 (including those from Orc Act I)
incorrectly recognize Hero Agility, causing slow attack speeds after the
1.13 patch is applied. This will be fixed in the 1.14 patch.
- Town Portal always places your units to the lower right side of your town
hall instead of the location you clicked, as it previously did. This will
be fixed in the 1.14 patch.
- If you research the Skeletal Mage upgrade, then you will no longer be able
to use the Raise Dead skill on the corpses inside a Meat Wagon. This will
be fixed in the 1.14 patch.
- When a unit with Unholy Frenzy is Polymorphed or Hexed, the unit
permanently loses 75% of its attack speed. This will be fixed in the 1.14
- If an Orc player uses the spell Spirit Link, and one of the linked units is
a Troll Berserker with the Berserk ability active, then all units linked
with that Troll will take the increased damage penalty associated with the
Berserk ability. This will be fixed in the 1.14 patch.
- If a unit casting a channeling spell dies from Mana Flare, the channeled
spell lingers in the area permanently. This will be fixed in the 1.14
- The Call to Arms command does not work if you click the button an EVEN
number of times. This will be fixed in the 1.14 patch.
* Any other confirmed issues that we can fix in time for the release of the
1.14 patch.

Regarding balance, we are currently assessing the state of balance of 1.13
based on user feedback, online testing, and the review of replays. Although
we will make some number of balance changes in 1.14, these have yet to be

We appreciate the community’s patience and support in our endeavor to further
tune the play balance, enhance the feature set, and increase the stability
of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

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