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   Blizzard plant einen Map Contest
Profil des Einsenders Thies | 23. März 2003  
Wer von Euch schon immer wusste, dass er die besten Maps kreieren kann, der sollte sich aufmerksam diese News von Blizzard durchlesen:

Sometime next week, Blizzard will officially announce the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Multiplayer Map Contest. We will post all the contest information and begin accepting submissions via our Web site at that time. Consider this an advance notice for those of you who want to get an early start on creating and polishing your best Warcraft III maps for the contest.

We’ll be looking for excellent multiplayer maps that can be used primarily for ladder play, and we will be accepting up to three maps per person. Please note that although trigger maps will be accepted, they will likely not be chosen unless they are extremely polished, fun, and bug free. Maps will be judged based on:

  • Layout creativity – maps should be original and not look like other maps
  • Creep balance and creativity – be creative with the number, placement, and difficulty of camps
  • Game balance – maps needn’t be symmetrical, but all start spots must be fair
  • Art – we’re looking for artistic texture usage, doodad placement, fog and weather usage, etc.

We cannot accept any map submissions until the contest has started, nor can we reply to any emails asking for further details. Please stay tuned to the Blizzard.com Web site to find out when the contest will officially go live. All the additional information that you’ll need about the contest and how to submit maps will become available then.

Also startet Euren World Editor und fangt schon mal an. Sobald der Contest loslegt, informieren wir Euch natürlich umgehend!

::|   Quelle:  Blizzard.com  

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