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   Neue Details zu Frozen Throne
Profil des Einsenders Soltano | 24. Januar 2003  
Auf Infoceptor.com sind einige Infos zu The Frozen Throne zusammengekommen. Die Quelle ist die kommende Ausgabe von "Computer Gaming World Magazines".


Night Elf Warden:

  • Blink - Teleports to a Location on the same screen.
  • Fan of Knives - Sends Knives in all directions, doing some damage.
  • A Passive Ultimate Skill.
  • Originally Assassin that was dropped during War3 Development

Alliance Blood Mage:

  • Banish - Target cannot be hurt for duration of spell (increases with level).
  • Target can also not deal damage.
  • Flame Strike - Area of Attack Damage Spell
  • Mana Flare - Weakened Area of Effect mana Burn
  • Mark of Fire (Ultimate) - Turns Friendly Unit into a Fire Demon.

Troll Shadow Hunter:

  • Hex - Turns an enemy unit into a random critter for a limited duration.
  • Healing Wave - Reverse of Chain Lightning, heals around twice as much hp as Chain Lightning damages.
  • Guardian - Originally Tier 3 Spell of Troll Head Hunters. Sets up a fire spewing serpent that attacks enemies.
  • Ultimate (Unamed) - A Channelling Spell that causes all units within a certain radius except the Shadow Hunter to be invincible for a limited duration. While the spell is in effect, the Shadow Hunter may not move or attack. Though this may seem powerful, it's actually not, most players target the hero anyway. I prefer Starfall.

Undead Crypt Lord:

  • Impale - Target Unit is Damaged and Knocked Backwards
  • Thorn Shield - Unit Burrows into the Ground and send lines of spikes at enemies (think Lurker). In this state, the hero is invisible except when he attacks (think Shade Wolves)
  • Locust Swarm - Target Units Recieve Costant Damage for a Duration.

Neue Units:

  • Crypt Fiends gain burrow ability, much as the Hydralisk in Starcraft. While Burrowed, fiends on invisible to all but air units, but cannot attack or move.
  • Necromancers can raise skeletal mages

Neue Items:

  • Early Healing Items will be available for Orcs to compensate Grunt Healing.
  • Night Elves have Moon Stones than can change the time of day to night.

Alle Infos sind jedoch noch nicht 100% bestätigt.

::|   Quelle:  infoceptor.com  

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