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   Warcraft III Map Hack
Profil des Einsenders Thies | 08. August 2002  
Was bereits die Spieler von Diablo 2 genervt hat, trifft nun auch Warcraft 3-Fans. Die Rede ist von Hacks, die einem Spieler "unrechtmäßige" Vorteile bringen. Aktuell geistert ein sogenannter Map-Hack durchs Battle.net, der es ermöglicht, den Fog of War abzuschalten. Blizzard ht dazu klar und eindeutig Stellung bezogen:

Please note that we are aware of the Warcraft III map hack that has recently surfaced and are working to neutralize this hack now. The hack works by allowing players to disable the fog of war setting in multiplayer games, which grants an advantage to the person using the hack. The hack allows an unscrupulous player to see where all opponents and creeps are located on the map prior to actually exploring the map with a unit.

In keeping with our aggressive stance against hacks and cheats, Blizzard will ban the CD key of anyone caught using this hack in Warcraft III. Furthermore, we will continue to randomly monitor games connected through Battle.net to ensure fair play.

Please save your replay if you suspect someone has cheated when playing against you. If you have played a game against someone you suspect of having cheated, you can file a complaint at hacks@blizzard.com (be sure to attach your saved replay file). Also, please notify hacks@blizzard.com if you have any information on persons or Web sites found to be distributing any type of hack or cheat program affecting any Blizzard game.

Blizzard would like to take this opportunity to sincerely appeal to anyone considering using a map hack program. While it might seem like fun to have an unfair advantage on Battle.net, the end result of these types of programs is that they affect the enjoyment that other people get from our games. We take no pleasure in banning the CD keys and preventing play over Battle.net of people who have legitimately purchased a copy of one or more of our games. Abiding by the terms of our end user license agreement helps us keep Battle.net fun and reliable for everyone.

As always, we appreciate the efforts of our fansites in spreading the word and helping to raise customer awareness with such issues. Thanks to our customers as well for your patience and understanding. In the weeks to come, we will post a follow-up statement with an update on our efforts to prevent players from using map hack programs in Warcraft III.

Wer von Euch das Gefühl hat, dass ein Gegenspieler diesen Hack nutzte, der soll das Replay seines Spieles an hacks@blizzard.com einsenden.

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