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   Interview @ Atomic MPC
Profil des Einsenders Thies | 21. März 2002  
Natürlich wollen alle derzeit Interviews mit Bill Roper führen, die US-Site Atomic MPC gehört zu den Glücklichen, die es geschafft haben. Hier ein Auszug:

You mentioned that you could control NPC structures as strategic placements in the game - kind of like what used to be done in Warcraft 2 multiplayer with gold mines. It was a valid strategy to take over as many goldmines as you could as quickly as possible, leaving your opponent starved of resources and thus defeated. You could pretty much win the game without a single major fight. Do the Warcraft III NPC structures such as the Well of Life and the Mercenary camps hold the same significance strategically?

It depends on what your focus is. You could actually play the whole game without using them if you wanted to. I think what they really allow you to do, not only as a map designer but also as a player, is to bring something different into the mix in your particular strategic formula. The Fountain of Life for example: you don't spend any money there, it's a structure that any units near it gain a regenerative process to their health - they get hitpoints back. So defiantly fighting near there and being able to hold it and get back to it can really swing a battle in your direction by helping to keep your forces fresh. Whereas in the case of the mercenary camp, you have to go in and spend your resources to hire units and a lot of times you are able to hire units that can do things you normally can't do. You might be playing the Undead, but you could go and buy an Ogre Lord and he packs a big punch. You might get a troll shaman to cast spells you don't have. They're a way to really augment your forces and bring a real surprise into a battle. Those are limited resources but they regenerate over time so you can go and buy the mercenary camp out of all its available mercenaries, but then over the course of the game they will restock. So it's a little different to goldmines - I don't think anywhere near as important as goldmines in War II for example, whereby taking over these non-player buildings you are guaranteed of winning the game. But at the same time they definitely give you a very specific and different tactical advantage than if you don't have them.

Insgesamt ein sehr interessantes Interview, dass auf viele Details eingeht, übrigens steht ganz zum Schluss auch etwas darüber, was mit Starcraft geplant ist.

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