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   Gamespot: Betabericht der Menschen
Profil des Einsenders Thies | 13. Februar 2002  
Auf drei Seiten findet Ihr heute bei Gamespot einen Bericht, der sehr ausführlich über die Menschliche Allianz berichtet.

The humans have a variety of strategies at their disposal, and all their units have distinct uses. Of the three hero character classes at the humans' disposal, the paladin is clearly one of the most effective. His resurrection ability can instantly revive an entire army that's been slain, and while it only lasts a short while, it's certainly long enough to turn the tide of a battle. The paladin's holy bolt ability also serves as an effective healing spell until you can employ priests. The archmage is no pushover, either. His blizzard spell seems as powerful as ever, and it's capable of devastating large groups of foes or causing huge damage to enemy structures. The archmage's brilliance skill is also very helpful, as it can help nearby spellcasters replenish their magical powers. Meanwhile, the mountain king is certainly a powerful fighter, but he seems to lack some of the versatility of the other two heroes.

::|   Quelle:  Preview @ Gamespot.com  

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